We carry a large selection of Oils - Full Catalog: Oils - Essential, Oils - Fragrance, Oils - Imported, Oils - Men, Oils - Top Ten, Oils - Women, morality (w), morning lilac, morrocan myrrh, musk k.l.t, must de cartier, myrrh, myrrh (somalia type), nag champa, narcissus (black), nautica, nefertiti, neroli ****, night queen, north african musk, nour (oriential), nubian musk, nubian prince, nubian violet, nutmeg****, obama, obsesion (m), obsesion (w), ocean dream, ombre rose, one man show ii, opium, opium by ysl, orange juice, oreganum, oriental nour type, oritential sweet musk, oscar de la renta, oudh mumtaz, oxygen, paco rabanne, palmrosa****, paloma de picaso, paris, passion, patchouli (indian) ****, patchouli (indonesia)****, patchouli (java), patti la belle, paul sabestian, peach, peach african, pear fantasy, peppermint, peppermint flavor ****, perry ellis, perry ellis 360, pierre cardin, pina colada, pina colada, pineapple, pineapple, pleasure (m), pleasure (w), plumeria fantasy, poeme, poison, polo, polo blue, polo crest, polo sport, polo sport (w), private collection, queen sheba, rain, ralph lauren, realities, red door, red giorgio (m), red ii type, red jeans (versace), red musk, river of honey (by mystic), romance, rose, rose (arabian), rose (persian), rose (tea), rose bulgarian ****, rose oil, rosemary, rosemary****, royal copenhagen, safari, sand and sable, sandalwood, sandalwood arabian, sandalwood bangladesh, sandalwood eastern, sandalwood egyptian, sandalwood mysore, savannah spring (by mystic), sean john, secrets, serenity, seven african power, shahi darbar, sinbad (by mystic), somali rose, special mint ***, spellbound, strawberry, strawberry butter, strawberry wild, summer rain, sun flower, sun moon & star, sung, superior egyptian musk, sweet smell of success, tabu, tatiana, tea tree, tea tree oil, thyme, timbuctu (by mystic), tommy (m), tommy girl, tour jour moi, tunisian frankincense, tuscany, unforgetable, uninhibited, uninhibited, vanilla, vanilla field, vanilla french, vanilla musk, vetiver, vetiver (earth), vibe (by mystic), violet african, violet french, vivid, water melon, white amber, white diamonds, white linen, white musk, white peach, white shoulders, wings, woodspice, yellow rose, ylang ylang, ylang ylang, ysatis, yves saint laurent

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Oils - Full Catalog

Essential Oils have been used for hundreds of years to provide various benefits to its users. Made from extracts of plants and flowers, essential oils were believed by many to be important to the stability of life. Today essential oils are used by aroma therapists for their healing and soothing effects on the skin. Others use it to add fragrance to their homes or bodies. Whether used to add a fragrant aroma to your home or as perfume, our wide selection of oils will help create a positively pleasant scent to suit your unique personality and desires.
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